Where You Are Treated with DIGNITY and SERVED with Pride

A. L. McKay came to the state of Oklahoma in 1917. He was a very progressive and respected businessman. He opened the doors of McKay Funeral Home on April 26, 1926. The first location was located on Northeast 5th and Phillips Street. After seven years due to new zoning laws, Mr. McKay moved his business to 928 N.E. 4th St. in 1933. He was a trusted lay leader in the Avery Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church and a fraternal leader on the local and national level in his Masonic organization. Mr. McKay and Mrs. McKay incorporated the business on March 5, 1938. Mr. McKay died on June 2, 1946 leaving the business to his wife, Mrs. Beula McKay. The business continued with great success with a remodeled building in August of 1957.

Mrs. Beula McKay brought about a legacy of her own by bringing in several partners.   Mrs. Beula McKay partnered with Mr. Sammie T. Davis in 1969. The McKay-Davis Funeral home thrived and a new location was built at 1616 N.E. 36th Street and opened in 1976. Mrs. McKay died at the age of 80 on Nov. 28, 1976 shortly after the open house for the new location.

McKay Davis Tate Funeral Directors continues to offer the highest quality of service both traditional and nontraditional funerals, as well as the latest in modern techniques, and merchandise. The level of caring and commitment for the client is still second to none.

Mr. Sammie T. Davis along with his wife Yvonne Davis continued the business for 35 years, along with their daughter Ms. Connie Davis, who joined the family business in May of 2003, until illness took over for Mr. & Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Yvonne Davis died at the age of 77 on April 27, 2007. and later Mr. Sammie T. Davis died at the age of 90 on Feb. 26, 2015.

Ms. Connie D. Davis continued to run McKay-Davis Funeral Home the oldest African -American establishment in Oklahoma City and now the oldest in our State.

In 2017 Ms. Connie Davis has decided to willingly pass the torch of McKay-Davis once again. Under new ownership and management the legacy from the past will still hold true today and in the future.

Mr. Richard Tate our new owner is married to Jackie Tate and has 4 children, Mia Tate Harmon, Richard Tate II, Diana Tate Vermeine, and Mariah Tate.

Richard Tate moved to Oklahoma City from St. Louis Missouri in 1987 as Administrator of Doctors General Hospital.  Richard Tate is a visionary entrepreneur who has been involved in business for over 40 years. 

His experience as a competent manager includes hospital administration in Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Missouri and New Orleans, Louisiana.  In 1992 Richard Tate formed a company called Healthcare Innovative Management Systems, Inc.  This was a company that provided consulting services to HUD and the state of Oklahoma.

In 1994 he formed a company called Med Tech International; a company formed to sell used and refurbished medical equipment to third world countries.  Richard Tate is a great businessman in our community who will work hard to provide the best quality care to our clients and is dedicated to honoring the lives of our predecessors by making sure to stand true to the same quality and service as was set before him. 

McKay Davis Tate Funeral Directors are committed to providing the best care at the best price as it serves every family as if it were their own family.  We are committed to treating each person with dignity and serving them with pride.  Let our family serve your family during your time of need.